Friday, August 1, 2014

Shoptalk @ ANC

It was a Wednesday afternoon when I got a call telling me about a TV guesting at a show called, Shoptalk in ANC. I was surprised mostly because the taping would be the next day. Not enough time for me to do anything to look better on TV. I mean you have to cut me some slack, it is my first ever TV appearance for crying out loud.

So I was anxious, excited and feeling all pumped up. It was nerve-wracking. Thankfully I have my friends and loved ones with me to support. I came there all feeling insecure about how I look and how I'm gonna look on TV. This is by far the heaviest I've been and I know it is not gonna look good. But what the heck.

So I did it and I felt at ease after. A few more minutes before I realized how everything went. I made a fool out of myself. I look ridiculous, I sound so gay and mostly none of my statements made any sense. At least that's what I thought; coz I totally forgot whatever I said in that interview.

Show time came and I was quite on the down low. Only because I don't want the whole world to know about it. But what's the sense right, I exposed myself in national TV anyway. But yeah, I did kept quiet until the next day after the segment was aired. I was sitting at peace in my office desk when one manager came rushing to inform everyone that I am on TV. The damn show has a replay episode apparently. I totally forgot it's on cable.

So everyone found out about my little TV appearance and they were all able to watch it. Much to my shame, I didn't get out of my office the entire day. LOL

It was, after all, fun and a hell of an experience. I felt proud that my work of art is now being recognized, somehow. And I definitely did it for the love of my friends and relatives. I thought, it felt so good to know that you made them proud with that little experience on TV.  So there goes my fifteen minutes of fame. Don't judge please. LOL


  1. I regularly watch ANC but ugh. Bummed that I wasn't able to watch this.

  2. @iamrei: hahaha. good you werent able to. LOL


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