Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Puno’t Dulo

If there is one thing I love to talk about, it's usually relationships. I am a frustrated guru and so my art usually reflects it. As I go on discovering things through art, I found a distinct characteristic that one can see in a Katagiri art work. That raw emotion I always want to tell you. Every artist, as I said it before, is like a composer who wants to tell a story or a personal experience. And every composer wants a singer to interpret it. In this case my viewers are my singers. Each has their own special interpretation of a piece.

Recently I found a way to merge my passion in art, writing and relationship. It was through painting that I think I can express it best. A trademark I can probably own. It is, however, for my viewers to find out. Here is a sample work to best describe it.

Looking at my works, what do you think best describes my style in art? I hope to hear it from you!

Puno't Dulo
Acrylic on Canvas
By Ron Katagiri

12" x 12"

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