Monday, August 4, 2014

Cold Turkey: Attempting is better than doing nothing

Six years ago I succeeded in quitting smoking for 2 solid years. I felt good about it that time and only got back due to depression when my Mama Becca passed away. A little over three years ago my bad habit became worse. The usual 3-5 sticks a day became a minimum of 10. It was a waste of money and health.

It became my excuse and escape to whatever I was doing. I smoke from the moment I wake up and usually drink coffee as an excuse to smoke first thing in the morning. It was horrible I know. It was like cheating and making a fool out of myself and weakness. Considering I am a registered nurse who knows well the harmful effects of such a disgusting habit.

Until one day I woke up strongly decided to stop everything. It was just a normal morning. I think I even smoked more than ten sticks the day before. Nothing unusual, really. I just had to quit cold turkey.

They say the nicotine in your system goes out the first seven days of quitting. So any craving after seven days would be purely psychological. Whether that is true or not, I did not make any further research. I thought it is enough knowledge to convince me that I am not weak to go back. God only knows though how long I can keep it the way it is. But I think I am doing good. Well aside from the huge bags of bubble gum I took as substitute to cigarette, I think the craving has stopped. As I write this entry I am almost close to my fourth week of being smoke-free.

It was a conscious and brave decision; but now I'm convinced that cold-turkey is really the way to go. Enough about bargaining to let go through gradual quitting of a precious habit that kills. Make a strong desire and stick with it. Of course I know it is easy to say; but at least an attempt was done. And I always go for the lesser evil.


  1. I always say 'No to cigarettes' mostly because I'm allergic to smoke. My nose clogs every time I smell nicotine-infused air.

    But anyhow, good choice. Health is wealth :)

  2. till now I am glad that my dad quit smoking

    kayang-kaya mo yan, just keep yourself busy with other things that can do you good

  3. @iamrei: I am so glad and proud that I was able to do it

    @Jjampong: It definitely gives a rewarding feeling. like you've accomplished something so big.


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