Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pin Up Pinay: Anak Ka Ng Puto

There were times when I would suddenly have a creative craving to do something despite everyone else saying not to do it. That burning desire suddenly sparked recently when I thought of doing an art bag. Setting business over art, this time it features Pinay Pin Up girls.

I thought it would be cool to see Asian, specifically Pinay, Pin Ups since I’ve never seen one yet.

I am quite recently fixated with the classic art of pin up girls, so might as well.

I had to see what it looks like on a clutch
So I did. It was my first time to be illustrating an image using digital art. I had to manually paint everything through Photoshop and it took me some time. But I did enjoy every part of it. To add a little Pinoy fun into it, I had to put statements; thus, AnakKa Ng Puto was born, the first issue of my Pin Up Pinay Collection.


  1. Haha galing! Sigurado gagawa ito ng ingay pag nasa Market na!


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