Wednesday, June 11, 2014

La Union Summer Experience

Our trip to La Union was an adventure like no other.  It was quite a long trip from Manila but it was worth the time. We went there with no particular plan or itinerary, just for the sake of going out of town. Summer heat was unbearable so might as well make the most out of it by dipping in the warm water up north.

We arrived almost lunchtime to a place we totally never expected. A friend introduced us to a hostel, The Circle Hostel. At first, I was in disbelief that we are actually going to stay there for a night. It is far from the usual hotel or villas by the beach where you could experience luxury of staying in. I’ve been told, it is part of the fun and so I was convinced. I thought, for the experience, why not?

The Circle Hostel gives you the care free vibe of never following the rules (except the NO SEX IN THE COMMON AREA rule). It is for the young and adventurous who wants to experience being in a place of arts for the purpose of meeting new friends from all parts of the world.

We entered and found murals, paintings and all other artsy stuff until I’ve been told that guests can practically paint wherever and do whatever they want with paints and brushes provided. That said, I was already feeling at home. I immediately picked up a brush and started vandalizing wherever free space I can find.

During late lunch, we opted to go to a nearby hotel, San Juan Surf Resort. I felt like this is the kind of hotel where you would want to stay if you want the ordinary Inn for accommodation of luxury and relaxation. The beach up front was jam-packed with people eager to do surfing activities.

So we went for a dip before heading to our next destination. It is almost night-time when we finished so we walked and explored the stretch of La Union.

Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel is almost the same concept as the hostel we are staying in, only a bit up scaled. No vandals on the wall, but there are also a number of bunk beds guests can stay; with a bar up front where people can drink and enjoy the scenery at the beach. It was a fantastic experience. The food was great and affordable. I thought, next time we can try checking in there if we decide to do another thrift trip.

A little more drink by the beach before we decided to go home to our hostel and rest. Given that we have a common restroom and shower area, it was never really hard to get yourself comfortable in the place.

The common area served as the relaxation sanctuary where we practically swung our way to wherever available hammock there is. It was a fun and unique experience I must say.

The next morning was all about surfing activities. We rented some surfing boards so we can try it out for the first time. We looked like idiots trying to catch the wave and make it through. Of course it was never achieved so we just floated the whole morning away until the jellyfish told us it is enough. After being stung a couple of times, we gave up and was convinced, it is time to pack it up. A little shower before we pulled out going back to Manila.

It was a trip full of new adventures: from the bunk beds, artsy hostel, surfing, new resto and the overall experience of being with friends. It was all worth the three thousand budget we have for an overnight adventure.

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