Saturday, June 28, 2014


A very high profile client contacted me to do a portrait. He wanted to protect his identity and maintain anonymity over the piece. He gave me the photo of which I need to paint and so I accepted the challenge. I have never done an actual portrait. I am usually scared of it.

I thought, I’d never want to disappoint clients. But I couldn’t say no.

I started of with a sketch, color by color I made it through until I was able to create the full image. It is, by far, the hardest piece I have ever done in my life. I couldn’t believe I actually did it myself. I was in such surprise that I kept starring at it the whole time when it was finished. It was the most rewarding piece so far.

Due to anonymity, my client requested to crop the face and I should respect it. Here’s a piece of the private collection I personally call, Enyo.

Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 18"


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