Monday, June 30, 2014

Being At Peace

After dinner, we usually talk about anything and everything over a stick or two. It was a heavy dinner when our smoking session started to get interesting. A friend asked another friend, “What was the process you went through moving on from a heart break?”

They recently both lost the love of their lives. I was just listening. Both men in their lives practically gave a lame excuse for breaking up. One was because of religion and the other was family. Both reasoned out lame excuses just to get out of the relationship. After some time, they found out that the loves of their lives are dating new guys respectively. Why say you can’t date a guy and blame it to religion or family if you’ll be dating guys again?

So I find it lame. If you are to break someone’s heart, have the balls to tell them the truth. It is quite acceptable you won’t be friends for some time; but who knows, time heals all wounds, as they say. If you’re not that into a person anymore, just simply say it as it is. “Break it to me gently” is a thing of the 80’s.

They almost had the same heartbreak scenario, maybe a different approach in moving on.

One friend went to church and discovered a whole new meaning of relationship with his Creator. The other started partying and dating again trying to conceal the pain over rebounds.

Whichever way you go, the most importance thing is to end up at peace. By “at peace” I mean to yourself. There is a difference between being at peace with yourself and at peace with the person of your past. One can best exist without the other. The later can only be done if the previous was a success. Otherwise, it would just be a play of pretention.

So it is best to discover yourself first. Redefine your life after a tragedy. Be at peace with yourself before announcing your peace with the person who broke your precious heart.

I’m just blabbing


  1. Why do I feel like you are talking about me! Yes, I partied to conceal the pain but cut a brokenhearted girl some slack. I partied to forget, I partied to give myself that moment to be happy in the company of my friends. I needed to catch a break.I deserve it! xoxo.

  2. Hi Miss Shanae. I'm glad you're able to relate; but i guess, you missed the words "dating" and "rebound" in the sentence. Partying is fine, nothing wrong with it; but to date for the purpose of rebound is unfair for the guys and will turn the joke on you towards the end. What I'm saying is to start the healing within yourself. Be at peace with yourself first. Rebound is never the answer to moving on.


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