Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Legacy Lives On

I normally check my mobile Facebook just to get rid of the pending notifications I get. One weekend, I was surprised to see my high school friend who tagged me on a post. She mentioned cooking the Laksa in Puto’t Laksa based from the recipe I posted here on my blog.

I was just happy that somehow, I was able to contribute in making the legacy of Puto’t Laksa alive. I hope to inspire more people in trying out this wonderful delicacy of the Pasiguenos. It is enough for me to know that few still visits my site and actually read and even apply what I write in here.


  1. I have never had those perhaps someday you should let me try some haha :)

  2. @simon: if you like eating veggies and love trying out new things, you'll love it! Sure, when I dare to cook it again. hehehehe

  3. I SOOO miss Malay Laksa from my years living in Singapore!


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