Friday, March 21, 2014

Stripped Free

The past 2 years were nothing but abundance of blessings for me. I was able to fulfill most of the basic things I want to accomplish in my wish list, or maybe even more. This 2014, they say I would be lucky. And as I start getting really serious with the business side of art, I committed a crime.

I remember when I had a talk with Mr. Celdran last year. He told me the tragic difference between Art as passion and Art as business. The fun stops when you think of it as a money making thing. As you pressure yourself to produce better works after another, you lose the passion. The hunger for it slips away.

I couldn’t agree more as we were having that conversation. Back then, I knew, Art and designing was never really ‘that’ serious for me. I do it coz I love doing it and I just enjoyed making money out of it at the same time.

Growing is inevitable in any given field or industry, so as me. Sadly, I felt I’m losing grasp of the most fundamental part in what I do. I’m slowly losing the passion and hunger for it. Apparently, the business side is slowly creeping and consuming me.

Fortunately, I was able to realize it this early. With that, I am doing my efforts to self-intervene. I need to get my passion for arts back; whether it’s for bag designing or painting and even for writing.

As Warhol said, “Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

And so part of the said intervention is the rebirth of this blog. This time, since I have a separate website for the bags, I think it is best to have this blog focused on who I really am. I must confess, the previous JapaneseAdobo blog was so confined with how and what people and friends had to say about it. The look, presentation and overall content must be within a specific rule to please the audience and make them like what they see. Until I slowly forgot about the real purpose of why I created it. I had my blog for me. It is for my own sanity.

As much as I wanted to put art works and color in my blog, I was not allowed to. Friends would say it should be simple and clean. But the artist in me was compromised.

So this time, I’d like to strip it down to the core of me. This blog should represent me, JapaneseAdobo: the designer, the artist and the writer. This should not be just about the brand and the bags anymore. It should be about the person who created it.

Yes I used the word ‘stripped’ – for I say, if you’d compare this era of my blog to an album, it was Aguilera’s “Stripped”. A rebirth of the real me: no inhibitions, no pretense and never afraid of judgment. JapaneseAdobo is now free.

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