Thursday, March 20, 2014

Confusion State

I am in a state of confusion. Lately, I have been wondering around ideas and emotions I cannot seem to grasp. My mind cannot focus enough on what I need to do and accomplish. I have so much on my plate, I know. 

The bag business is going well as we are focusing on the major productions for our corporate clients. At the same time, we are currently preparing for the release of my latest bag designs. We are hopeful it can be finished by the first week of April. I am quite busy going around the metro for meetings with my sewers. I haven’t been doing good in the blogging arena and I always feel guilty seeing that my blog is becoming idle.

I wanted to write regularly but when the sheets are up, I can’t seem to know what to say anymore. It feels terrible for me not to feel inspired to do anything about my art and my writing. It’s what keeps me going. Otherwise, I’d be all up and confused like what’s happening to me lately. I guess I was so caught up with my day job and the business side of bag designing that I can’t get a firm grasp of what I really wanna do.

I have been doing interventions though. And hopefully in a matter of days, I’d be able to keep this blog alive again. This is where I find my serenity and freedom after all. When all else fail, I thought, blogging would still be there. And no matter if no one actually reads this, I do this for me.

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