Saturday, March 29, 2014

Boracay Day 2

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The next morning after arrival, we had hang over for breakfast and we needed to get up early for a trip to our favorite activity place, Ariel's Point. We had to cool our hang over down with a walk by the shore. 

One thing I love about Bora is their beautiful beach during low tides in the morning and afternoon. A little dip while waiting for our banka to pick us up from Ariel's Place and off we went to the islet.

It was, almost, the same as the last time we went there. Only this time, they added a few ammenities since 2010 that you can use for free: kayaking and snorkelling. We immediately had drinks when we got into the double decker banka. We met new friends from different nations until we finally reached our destination.

Not wasting time, we started cliff diving. And it never fails to bring the rush as you approach the edge of the board before jumping.

The buffet lunch inclussive on the payment was worth every peso and beyond exceptional. I've always loved the grilled food served with tons of side dishes. But mostly, the unlimited drinks from beer to cocktails is what keeps it festive in our six-hour stay. of course we had to try kayaking around the islet. It was relaxing to enjoy the pristine water of boracay.

The boat ride home is another party. And although we missed to ride at the upper deck, we still had a blast riding in front of the lower level. With all other passengers and a drunken disposition, we enjoyed the amount of sea water splashing all over us as we partied the ride away. i would highly reccommend to get the front seat at the lower deck on your way home from the Point. Everyone ended the experience with a scream for more.

A little rest before we decided to celebrate my friend's birthday eve at Juice Bar. It was a hell fun of chaos to say the least. I need not to elaborate but everyone went home wasted.

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