Friday, March 28, 2014

Boracay Day 1

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It has been four long years since we visited the paradise. This time it was for four days and three nights in time to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. Four years ago, it was Cebu Pacific who brought us in and out of our destination and they have been consistent enough since then to at least have 2 hours of flight delay, usually more. Never missed and always consistent. 

We are and will always be on a budget trip so we opted to try Air Asia Zest this time. And they never disappointed us. There was a delay; which, sadly is a normal part of our domestic flights. But delays are not as exhaggerated as that of the former.

We took the Kalibo flight for we we're traumatized the last time we took Caticlan when our plane got rerouted and we were never given complimentary ride going to the destination we paid for. 

So we arrived after some hours of travel and we were welcomed by the white powdery sands of the beautiful paradise. It was still the same after four long years.

Since it was already almost night time, we decided to hang out at the restaurant in Sur at station 1 for our first night. We were too thirsty. Everyone got really wasted. It was all fun though.

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