Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year for Me

I am in great debt to my blog for I have not been writing any post for quite some time now. I was too busy during the holiday season and now preparing for a more fruitful 2014.

As I bid goodbye to my 26th year and we all welcome 2014, I couldn't be more thankful enough. Although a lot of bad things had happened in the country, I'd like to focus my energy on the things that we should all be thankful for.

The start of 2013 was epic for me, I had my first solo art exhibit; which became a success thanks to the help of a lot of friends. Since then, I have been honing my painting skills and selling art works to friends and acquaintances. With that, I joined in an art circle where I experienced joining group exhibits and met a lot of creative artists who has the same passion as mine. Also, I entered two national competitions where I am mostly honoured to be chosen as finalist out of the hundreds who applied.

The bag business we put up late of 2012 has flourished well as we took part on some midyear exhibits and holiday sales. The Art Mart at BGC was our first attempt and I was glad to say that the bags were totally sold out in our two-day event. Then came the holiday season where we also joined in a two-week bazaar at the World Trade Center for the Worldbex Christmas Bazaar and in ABS-CBN The Loop bazaar. Again, We were fortunate to sold the bags out before the sale ended.

On the side, we put up an events group where we experienced firsthand how to handle big events (weddings, awards night, parties, etc.) and enhanced my directing skills; which was another dream came true for me. Handling events can be a bit stressful but fun and fulfilling; especially, when you get to see the fruits of your labor towards the end of every event.

2013 has been a year of recognition, fulfilment and realization for me. I came to my senses that whatever and wherever you put your heart into, you'll achieve it. The rest will follow if you pray hard enough and lift everything up to Him. Blessings came to us served in a platter as we move towards the year end.

And with our hard work came rewards as we were able to get our own car that we can use to expand whatever we do. My mom also migrated to the US just before New Year; and I must say, God has really put everything in good perspective for all of us. I could not complain but instead be very grateful for the experience.

This year, I have yet to find out what is in store for us. At the moment, I am already thinking of designs for the bags so I can release an entirely new collection for the year. The Art lives on and so as the events management. A thing I've learned is to focus on making things happen than be consumed with all the endless planning to make your dream come true. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say.

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