Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lift Your Own

In times when more people are suffering and in need, helping one another is essential to the growth of many. It is when people's true color shine. I had the privilege of joining a few relief operations from the recent efforts to help the people of Leyte and the Visayas. I was not in duty that time at the Foundation and was just assisting a friend who came to do volunteer work. In the middle of the operation, more people came in and everyone got really busy. Though I can simply instruct people to do it for me, after seeing everyone's efforts, I had to extend my efforts. I felt the need for lifters so even when I'm not used to, I offered. I thought, how dare me if I don't do this. Because when you are in a situation where people are in need, regardless of whatever task, you have to do it as long as you can. Never complain and blame others and instead lift your own fingers and make a move. Complaining and blaming will get you and the rest around you who hear it nowhere but negativities. If you're not willing to do it then don’t do it for a show.
Just leave the building and eat banana. LOL.

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