Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Genuine Giving

When people didn't really ask but you offered help, make sure that you help them with genuine intentions and not for the gratifying feeling if they praise you or as if they owe so much to you. You don't expect a thing in return.

I remember when I was growing up my cousin bought me the latest Sony walkman there is because she knew how much I love music. Yes I've used it for years and it became my companion most of the time. There came a point, however, that it suddenly stopped working. I didn't know what to do so I tried to fix it. To my frustration, I threw it on the wall until it got really broken to pieces. I still kept it.

My aunt saw it and got mad she told my cousin about it. My aunt got a surprising but genuinely generous response from my cousin, "I gave it, he used it, it is none of business what he'll do with it."

The point is when you offered help or gave something, do not expect a thing in return and make sure your intentions are genuine. If things didn't go your way, then don't be arrogant as if people owe you so much. Giving and helping should be a humble experience and not the other way around. I may be known by my friends as a thrifty guy and the word "generous" is not usually associated with me; but when I help or give things, I don't count it as a debt of gratitude. I make sure that I help genuinely or not help at all.

If you’ll be forced to help though, just shut your mouth up instead of blurting negativities that will surely go back to you.

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  1. very well said. Inonote ko ito, thanks, naenlightened ako. long time no visit ako dito ah.hehe


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