Saturday, October 12, 2013


A friend was still mending a broken heart when we decided to have a few bottles after work somewhere in Ortigas. He is in the process of moving on from breaking with the love of his life. We were there to console him.

To be fair, I think he is doing well. He now begins to build anger rather than get stuck to denying the situation.

I realized the importance of being able to find serenity within you. The confidence inside that no matter what others tell or do, you know you are worth something. I told him, it is best to reflect what you really wanna do and what you are really good at. When you find that special something in you that no one can ever take away, you'll find peace.

In my case, I am at my most serene state when I multitask. I cannot settle doing one job and not earning enough from it. I get bored, I start thinking ways on how to get out of it, I become negative. The busier I become, the more serenity I feel. Knowing I have been productive for the benefit of others is good reason for me to be at peace.

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