Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mutually Beneficial

Dealing with manufacturers can be a bit stressful, but once you're able to find the right fit who can execute it well, you never let go. The bag designing and developing is never easy. At least, that's what I've learned from being a freshman in the industry. Many sewers came and go. That said, I came to acquire the skill of knowing how to pick the right one to do the job.

It is more rewarding to see the growth of small businesses as you make yours grow, too. I stick to sewers who are home-based rather than the big ones. The bigger they get, the bigger their ego becomes; and you end up pleasing them just so they can accept a job from you. For me, it has been an advocacy to help the less fortunate, skilled workers than those who are playing it big already. As long as they are happy to do it, I'd prefer to help them, too. It gives me a more rewarding feeling to know I am able to help them by giving jobs and opportunities. In my own little way, I help them as much as they help me. For whatever it is worth, part of my vision is to help create jobs for my country men rather than having my designs manufactured elsewhere around the globe. It always makes me proud to say that my bags are Philippine made.

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