Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Master of Whatever You Wanna Do

I have been branded a Jack of Trades and been warned to avoid being a master of none. They say I wanted to do everything at the same time. Some disapproves and told me to take it one step at a time.

I say to myself, I can be a Jack of all Trades and why not be a master of whatever I wanna do? Life is too short and if I can do it all at the same time pushing myself to the limit, why not?! I don’t wanna put boundaries from doing what I wanna do just for the lame excuse of taking one step at a time. I never wanna limit myself just because someone said I shouldn't do this or that. Mastering one's skill or talent is taking a risk, growing and learning from it. What's important is you enjoy whatever you are passionate about. Success comes when you are happy with what you do. Haven’t I mentioned before, my serenity is multi-tasking. That is where I find peace. Excuses are just for cowards. If you fail, just stand up again and do it better. One cannot go anywhere far if risks are not taken.


  1. I remember a quote: "Know something about everything (Jack) and everything about something." What's that something that you know everything about?

  2. @Cutella: Thank you!
    @iamred: well, i must admit i am and never will be a master of anything. arent we all? life is so complex that any smart ass still has a room to learn one way or the other. i do my best to enhance my skills and talents because God gave it to me for a reason, and that is what I consider "mastering whatever you wanna do". continuous risk taking, growth and learning. never really limiting yourself just because someone said you shouldnt. :-) i hope that helped. hehehehe


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