Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brotherly Love

I never grew up with any of my three siblings. And even though we seldom see each other, we managed to keep a close relationship, somehow.

Now that we’re all grown up, we do our best to at least see each other during special occasions or have a little family gathering if we could.

Just recently I had a moment with my elder brother. I was looking into a big investment and I had to ask my kuya's involvement somehow. He didn’t even think twice and supported me immediately after I asked. When I was about to formally engage in that specific investment, he asked me, "Sigurado ka na ba dyan? Baka naman nagpapadalosdalos ka lang ah." So I said I am sure about it for I have thought about it for months. Then the conversation went on and he made me feel that he was proud of me for accomplishing this milestone in my life. I told him I won't fail him and I promise to myself that I will make them proud. My kuya is known to be alaskador and to see him giving me his big brotherly advice and making me feel how proud he was is really touching. It made me teary-eyed actually.

Being the youngest among four, I took the fall down of a broken family; but even though it is what it is, it never affected my relationship with my siblings. We may not be "showy" of our love for each other; but the little gestures and words of wisdom are the modest ways we show that we care and love each other.


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