Friday, October 25, 2013


I and my friends have grown to spend time on an intellectually and financially healthier way. As we gather almost every day over a cup of coffee and smoke or sometimes liquor, we normally would update each other on the things we get busy with. What my favourite part is when we discuss business and how we influence each other on really getting better in terms of our money-making sidelines and freelance jobs. I thought it is a healthy conversation that we get to improve whatever we do in our lives and be more productive rather than focus on the depressing bad energies we encounter every day.

I remembered, back in high school, I have no money to buy my own bag. So what I do is tear up old jeans and hand-saw it to become a bag. Then my friends took notice and we conceptualized the idea of putting up a bag business. We thought of names, target market, designs, etc. and came up with a brand name, “Barough”. From the root word, “Cynthia Barurot”, also a pet name I gave to a friend of ours, we nonchalantly gave the business a name.

The high school bag business didn’t really came to fruition back then, but who would have thought that it will come true in a form of my own brand, JapaneseAdobo. I guess destiny brought me to this for a reason. Although I am yet to find out the limit of my potential in this industry, I am excited and cannot wait for the next big thing.

Barough is now JapaneseAdobo.

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  1. I feel your pain. My college life was pretty much the same.


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