Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Successful Rebirth

Whenever I meet people who found out about my blog, they always ask why I came up with the name, JapaneseAdobo. I frequently tell them that it is because of me being half Japanese and half Filipino and that Adobo is a nostalgic dish for me.

Yes it is all true, but JapaneseAdobo was yet but another product of a typical brainstorming with my friends. We were in one drinking session and I was really depressed having a quarter life crisis. I didn’t like my job and can’t seem to find my happiness and satisfaction. I badly wanted to be a writer and share my thoughts and inspire people. My friend suggested that I make a blog. Although that time I have one already, it doesn’t seem to have an identity to catch anyone’s attention. We brainstormed and came up with a list of names that relates to me being a Nikkei Jin: Sushi Manila, Kat-sudon, Kat-silog; and of course, JapaneseAdobo.

Two years after the blog was reborn, I find it nostalgic to look back where we started. Who knew an idea born from a drinking session became a blog and now a brand of bag. I am grateful for my friends who we’re greatly creative and helpful in my growth.


  1. I find the name JapaneseAdobo cool :-)
    It's unique and catchy... and with that I can be ChineseAdobo? Hahaha

    Kidding :-)

  2. Well at first I thought Japanese adobo really was Japanese adobo. What you meant sort of unfolded, to me, as time flew.

  3. @Jjampong: by all means ChineseAdobo! LOL. but i think i heard chinese adobo from somewhere already? hehehehe thanks for the comments

    @iamred: i'm glad it did. thanks for commenting

  4. I love adobo!
    When I was younger my mom would make it all the time. [When I still lived with them]

  5. Randomly stumbled upon your twitter, then Instagram, and now this blog.

    Grabe, I feel like I'm in the position you were in when you had your quarter life crisis! As in sakto :(

    Still finding my way through, maybe a blog WOULD help... :)


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