Monday, September 2, 2013

The BGC Art Mart Experience

It was quite a chaos doing the ingress because I was all by myself carrying all the bags and two dogs. I was all over the place finding my spot but when I did, I felt just right at home. It was our first time to join an Art Mart. We were too excited.

Friends came over to help and stayed to support us. It was such a festivity of arts and crafts from paintings to merchandise items. Of course, I had to sell my bag designs. Along with it, we were able to sell Art Bags, pouches, paintings, etc.

Our little dogs, Yoda and Mariah (the lady pug diva) were quite entrepreneurial dogs as well, as they sell their own fold-able eco bags that has their faces printed on saying, “Whatchugowndo?!” While our lady pug diva, Mariah, has her shirt with a print that says, "Don't get it twisted, buy our bags bitches" coz she's a mothafuckin diva you know. LOL

Over all the Art Mart was a success for us. The big JapaneseAdobo bags were almost sold out during the last day of event. We are definitely coming back to sell more designs and art. 


  1. I'm gonna go lurking in your site for them bags hahaha, I'm thinking of buying a new one and I like the retro look :)

  2. ang ganda ng bag... classic ang dating yung mga painting...


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