Sunday, September 15, 2013



Sometimes passion can be dangerous. You can get into a situation you might not be able to get out of. You lose yourself and think things with your emotions rather than a rational judgment. AIDS or HIV is no doubt a fatal condition everyone should be educated about. The root cause of it all, is ignorance and can sometimes be innocence. No one is excused. The poor, the rich, kids or adults can be infected. May it be a needle prick, intercourse, transfusion, infidelity or what not; everybody should be educated. Prevention is easier than cure as they say. And whether you'd be passionate to do consenting activities beyond the norms, you can never be too careful. It is mostly heartbreaking to realize that even the innocent kids become victims. And when all else fail, we must realize that judgment is a product of ignorance. AIDS or HIV victims and the people who misjudge them are all but ignorant. So I'd like to share my voice through art, that by being aware and educated, we can prevent it or at least not judge the misfortune they acquired. As fatal as it is, we need to open our minds that it is just but another terminal illness like cancer or heart disease. What sets it apart is the stigma and the judgment of people around. We are all immoral, and none of us is worthy to judge anyone. 

Please visit Arts in the City beside NBC Tent and check out my panel along with 11 other artists for the CFHK Youth Exhibit. The exhibit runs from September 15-18, 2013.

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