Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Other and the Other One

They had a mutual understanding - sort of. It was an unspoken break up of their love affair. As confusing as it seemed, they communicate as if nothing happened, nothing’s changed. Between the lines crossed thru virtual messaging, nothing has changed. It has been the usual routine every day. But outside their messaging love affair, nothing is ever the same. They hardly see each other anymore, given the boundaries instinctively set in their circle of friends and work place. It can be considered a “long goodbye” but why do they hold on? Why do they hope?

They continue their lives as it is, a relationship downsized to just being lovers thru text messaging. It is confusing, sad but hopeful. Labeled as friends but speaking like lovers. Could they consider themselves as reservations of one another? Could it be that the Other doesn’t really wanna hurt the Other One by the truth - the truth that the Other One still has hang ups and baggage while the Other continues to live his life and enjoy dating?

As One knew the activities of the Other thru mutual friends, One is still confused. He knew that the lover continues his life and dates other guys, but he doesn’t wanna know it. He figured, what he don’t know won’t hurt him. But when time comes the truth arrives and told by a mutual friend, it still hurts.

It hurts to verify, but it helps. Slowly, they will come to their senses whether to hold on or let go of their pseudo love affair. For now, they ride along the confusing tides of what they called unlabeled relationship than friendship.  

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