Wednesday, August 28, 2013


An office-mate commissioned me for a two-piece art work. She requested a nude painting of a guy and a girl to be mounted in their bedroom. Confident I can do it, I agreed at a much discounted price. I am happy to know she trust me well; so who am I to decline. 

She asked a Katagiri version of the legend, Malakas at Maganda. I started with a nude girl. I thought, I have somewhat mastered painting nude, my style, so it won't be that hard. To my surprise, it took me three revisions just so I can get the satisfaction I am aiming for. Since I prefer to paint on big canvases, the square 24" x 24" canvas size challenged me on what specific body part, position and emotion to feature on the work. 

And just when I thought painting the nude guy would be a challenge, turns to be easier than expected. Just the same, I was able to finish the art works in time. I was glad she loved it and told me she can't stop starring at the nude girl for hours. She must've been mesmerized. I hope.


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