Friday, August 16, 2013

Haven up the Heaven

If there is one thing I would highly recommend from everything we did on our recent trip in Baguio, it would be the North Haven Spa experience. Located at #21 Avelino Street, Ferguson Road, it is haven away from heaven city. A cab ride away from the busy downtown, it is worth the trip as we enter a blissful mountain vibe of the extravagant facility. Filled with garden greens and ferns, the ambiance gives a vibrant and relaxing disposition suitable for any tired guest. I and a friend thought, it was a writer’s haven given the cool misty vibe. It can create an atmosphere for anyone to do art, write a book or just simply relax.

We were welcomed by a very accommodating staff explaining what they have. Served with a hot tea, we discussed what we want to get. Boy they have a lot of packages to choose from. We all agreed though, that since we’re already here and no one else in Baguio can offer the strawberry scrub they have, why not try it. For a good PhP950.00, you get to have a lovely strawberry scrub and massage.

The moment we entered the room, it was all but bliss. We started doing the scrub and it was damn so good. Imagine the smell of strawberry being rubbed all over your body, wild honey covering you face and fresh strawberries dripping down your face and skin. It was already heaven and we haven’t got into the massage yet.

After the scrub, we went to the sauna before rinsing it off with a hot shower. Off we went to the massage table. I can’t seem to find a word to describe the experience but it was the best massage I have ever had in my life. I was moaning like I was having an orgasm the whole time because it was THAT good. It was the best that I had to write a separate blog post for it and it was the best because it was simply the fucking best!

The staff, special regards to Jessie my masseur, were all very professional. The quality of service is exceptional making me wonder why a spa this good can only be found in Baguio. They should have every branch where, I dunno, SM or Jollibee is? LOL. Kidding aside, I would definitely come back next time and try a two or three-hour deep tissue massage. It was all worth the payment and is highly recommended to everyone going to Baguio for relaxation.

After the massage, I just had to take something so I decided to buy a bottle of their strawberry scrub to take home. It was perfect to cap off the wonderful day of walking, food tripping and roaming around the city. I can’t wait to come back and experience it all over again.


  1. Strawberries are my favorite! I haven't heard of a strawberry scrub before, so this is very interesting. I would really like to try this someday. I wonder if there are spas located here in Metro Manila that offer the same scrub. :)

  2. @geosef: i havent heard anyone else offer strawberry scrub than them. But seriously, you've got to try it especially the massage! It was the best massage ever and i am not exaggerating.

    @kalansaycollector: yeah it is. I recommend you try it.

  3. Aw. Baguio is too far.

    I'll just Google it. :)


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