Monday, March 4, 2013

Not the it but the them

Collective Efforts 
by Ron Katagiri
500x500 pixels
Digital Art Sketch

We went back to the museum to dismount two paintings for its scheduled delivery. It all came flashing back when I saw all my works still hanging on the wall. That sweet precious moment of success I will forever treasure.

While dismounting, Mr. Johnny Midnight came and approached me. 

So you’re the artist, right?  

I nodded.

Out of all the painters who had their exhibit here, you’re the only one who sold that much. You have the “It” factor for someone who’s just starting out.

I was flattered for all his compliments and told him, 

It’s not the “it” factor; but the “them” that sets me apart, I guess. Without the support of “them” people, that success won’t be possible 

and he agreed then congratulated me.

Coming from a recognized artist, it was a big compliment. I was happy to deliver my works and I am hoping to share more. I am just inspired.

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