Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thirty Something Complex

I'm down to my second bottle of beer. It was a regular work week for us but the stress we had at work brought us to a bar in the middle of Ortigas. It has been a long time since Carlos joined our weekly drinking session. He's usually busy at work or with his work mate. He has a love affair with his boss, a thirty something year old guy. He was Carlos' dream guy. The only problem is, it is a one way relationship for them. While Carlos is head over heels for his boss, his boss just takes it as it is. No effort exerted, it was like he'd be fine with or without Carlos. Love life, apparently, is not his priority.

As we were going through our little conversation in the bar, I began asking and concluding. What will you call that sort of complex in most guys on their thirtys? If love life is not their priority, why enter into one in the first place? I have met a lot of thirty-something year old guys and noticed their attitude towards relationship. They seemed to love it when a younger guy goes gaga over them. They enjoy seeing the younger guy tortured with their own paranoia or obsession. They play as if they don’t care, when in fact they are loving the attention they're getting. Is it all about the level of maturity not meeting in the middle? When they knew that the younger guy is already madly in love with them, they'd say they have to be in control understanding that it’s a dangerous kind of love already. Slowly, they will let go and leave the other one crying.

What should that complex or commonality be called? Thirty something complex?
Anyway, it's just a thought.

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