Monday, February 4, 2013


It was a dream come true. My very first art exhibit. Never did I imagine it would be so soon. Never did I thought it would be a one man show. It was my night. As the guests arrived the intensity increases. I was happy to see some of my closest friends, my mom, my sister in law and the expected VIP guests.

The opportunity given is so amazing. I am in debt of gratitude to all who supported and worked so hard to make everything possible. My boss, brother and trusted confidant Paul Vincent Mercado; who, without him, this dream of having my own art exhibit won't come true.

Mr. Bobby joseph was ever so generous to accommodate an unknown artist like me. Without a second, he agreed to have my exhibit held in his museum. I admire his generosity together with Mr. Johnny Midnight who willingly sponsored the delicious meals for the event.

Should I claim it that I am now a certified artist? I'd like to believe I'm just a creative expresionist. As I've always said, everything is art and every single one of us is an artist in our own respective way and field.

As I always view it, I am the composer and my audiences are the singers who has thier individuality and own interpretation of the works. It is always more rewarding to hear what my audiences would say and how they can relate to my work.

As my special night ended, I was grateful to sell 9 paintings out of the 15. The exhibit will run for a whole month that started January 24, 2012; which should give more time for it to be sold out.

I was in cloud nine and still in disbelief. I had the time of my life thanks to the generosity of the loving people around me.

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