Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ilocandia Love Affair

It’s been more than five hours. I feel really sleepy with the antihistamine I took before the trip. I woke up somewhere in the middle of La Union, I heard the music playing in the radio. The driver served as the DJ for the trip. It was nice to hear the old school retro pinoy music while the sun is shining intensely. This time I go here for work and not for pleasure but the excitement of seeing Ilocos again is still sparking.

I fell in love with Ilocos five years ago. My best friend in college, who's an Ilocana, brought us to their beautiful province. From Sur to North to Cagayan Valley we go around in seven days. What made me fell in love with it are many things. I feel the soul of the province from its culture, very nice people, colorful political history, sites to see and mostly food. There is nothing in the world like Ilocandia. When you get to be with people who really knows the spirit of the place, you'll be one of them.

My love affair would not end anytime soon, I should say. I still feel the same even after five years of going back and forth to this wonderful province. I guess something is just really special in the place that captured my heart and very soul.

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