Thursday, February 28, 2013


36” x 48”
Oil on Canvas

A private collection of Mr. Monchet Olives

You know when you get too engaged on a work of art and you just lose yourself in the process of doing it? That’s how I felt while doing this painting. I just want to express and not impress anyone else but me. I was like a possessed psycho doing this piece. I pored out all my emotions in it; which I am glad was able to reflect to my audience.

Hibang talks about a crazy love. You became obsessed, possessed and paranoid. You lose your mind as you follow your heart. Heart becomes evil through time as it is slowly being en-wrapped with selfishness and possessiveness  You become a monster of your own self and you can kill and do things out of your normal being. It is a reflection of an uncontrolled passion caged in darkness.

Love can be dark when you decide not to use your mind.

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