Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Drunk and Artistic

It was an ordinary night on the nearby bar from our home. I was down to my third bottle of beer and we were talking about a lot of random things. That time I was working on some paintings and friends made it a topic. I always like to hear people's feedback. Ms. LE said, a production manager, she sees pain in my art. She gets a heavy emotion looking at it.

From there, she was able to extract the deepest open secrets of my family life as I try to explain all the art works I did. She gives me her own interpretation of it. I told her the story of my child hood and my mom. She was amazed. She got excited and suggested to have it written. I told her it's on my bucket list to write the life story of my mom. She was engaged and wanted me to write the story. From there, it made me realize the value of being surrounded with genuinely artistic people. You get to discuss ideas and come up with briliant projects and plans.
The night ended with a good deal of me writing the story and she and her team will make it a movie. I am excited, happy and grateful. Another blessing I got for this year. 

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