Friday, January 18, 2013

The Title

Yoda, our dog, barked really loud. In the middle of the night while I was sound asleep, he woke me up. He never barks unless someone’s at the door knocking or if he sees something in a blank space that we can’t see in our naked eyes. It was not the usual thing he sees. I felt it was something bad. It had me getting out of bed immediately to light some incense. As I approached
to switch the light on, I saw something in my peripheral vision. It was a tall man’s shadow as if staring at us while we sleep. I turn the light on and started going around the house with my incense. I looked at the time and it was exactly three in the morning. Yoda was curling up and refused to look at me after I called him a lot of times. He seemed very scared. It was an unusual visitor that night for we usually have a lady ghost visit our home every three in the morning; which I pay no mind. I went back to bed. A few minutes past three, Yoda barked again. This time the whole neighborhood dogs were barking really loud. It was creepy. I knew it was a bad element who visited us that night.
The next night I had some friends over. We were conceptualizing the title of my exhibit. I told them the story about last night’s visitor and they reasoned that maybe as an artist who’s been so focused on painting faces and images for weeks, I had internalized it so much that it has captured my imagination transpiring to somewhat a reality. I must’ve inhaled too much oil painting that it’s causing me hallucinations.
In the middle of the meeting at home, the care taker of the building arrived and joined our little drinking session. He told us that he would need to sleep a little early that night because they are scheduled to go to Pampangga to attend a wake. My friend asked him if it was a tall man that they will visit tomorrow in Pampangga and the care taker said yes. I had Goosebumps.
A few minutes after, the title of my exhibit was finalized, “Presensiya” perfect sign and series of events that lead us to going to that title. It is fit to announce that this will be my presence as an artist exploring this kind of world. 

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