Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Day I Cried Again

The memories were so fresh. I cried like a child having tantrums when I found out. I was all over the place, screaming, freaking out and blaming all that I can blame. I wanted to explode.

She was burried a few days after and that was the last tear drop I remember rolling down my face.

Today, we went to church. Exactly five years after she passed away. I was caught in the middle of the mass reminiscing. The last memory I had of us going to church together, I remember she was crying silently. She was praying intently. I was clueless. Only years after that I realized, that moment was the period where she was doing her best to be strong enough and not let me know about her condition. She doesn't want me to worry. I knew that whatever it is she was telling our Creator, it must be something good. She smiled, whiped her tears and looked at me. I smiled back.

While I was not paying attention to today's mass, I was caught with tears falling down my face. It has been five long years since she went away. It seems like it was just yesterday. I was doing my best to keep my composure as the tears can't stop falling. The rain started falling too. It was like a movie scene. But this is real. She's now up above and I continue to live my life as I wait for the day when we will meet again.

So today I dedicate this day to her. A woman who was so strong and generous that she unconditionally dedicated her whole life taking care of a child whom she was not even related with. Rebecca "Mama Becca" Balogo Sotto, you are forever loved and missed

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