Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Refocusing the Energy

You find release when going through a difficult time. Emotionally, I have dealt with turmoil, mostly fought battles with myself, and struggled to find release. I figured: what better way to do it than re-focus. It is best believed that focusing energy to more productive activities would be beneficial to me and the people around me.

I don’t wanna go over things I’ve done before and get too depressed with something that is already gone. God has given me so many gifts, abilities and talents so might as well use it to my advantage.

The year of 2012, I came to terms where I lost, gained, regained and was betrayed by people I consider friends. It was tragic but worth the experience. Through those, I was able to realize their true colours. Now I am more cautious, careful and diligent; not taking away the benefit of the slightest doubt that I could still, maybe, trust them again. But nevertheless, it was a good year. From downs came greater highs, so let me share some of the great blessings I received.

Midyear I was transferred to a new unit at work. I became the product design and development specialist of the organization I am working into. Goodbye marketing and hello graphic works for me. It was a chaos in the office to deal with all the political issues behind the transition. I was even tempted to apply as a PR guy, where I am to write and write and write most of my life. The job description was promising, I'll attend different events, relief operations, functions, etc. and write about it so it will be published in the news papers. It was a dream job for me.

I was caught in deciding and asked permission from my boss who generously allowed me. Before I can fully take on the new job though, he asked me a favour, to give his unit a few months just so I can finish the work I started. I obliged, for it wasn’t too hard and it is the proper way to do it.

From being a marketing associate, I became a graphic designer/product development and design specialist. I enjoyed sketching and conceptualizing things the whole day. It was also a dream come true.

In the middle of all the office drama, I met a new friend and introduced me to the wonderful world of SEO writing. System Engine Optimization is a form of writing where you sort of write subliminal promotions regarding a certain product or service that a company wants to advertise over the web. That way of soft selling would make their site more visible in the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Whatever that is, I just went for it, what was important is to be able to practice writing and get paid for it.

The writing stint for different websites went on for almost 2 months. The pay was not bad for someone who is just starting. I always thought: who gets to practice a craft and still get paid for it? Not bad, so I went on.

With all the extra jobs, I was able to buy things for myself. Material things I can only dream of before, and I am happy to see the fruits of my labour.

A Thousand Miles

While doing the office transition, I came to a good realization. God has given me an opportunity to live the 2 dream jobs I wanted which is writing and doing graphics. I thought, writing will always be there, deep in my heart. And wherever or whatever I do, I will always write and strive to enhance my skills on that art. I thought, I can still write on the side while I do graphic arts full time.

I am a humble nurse who happens to have opportunities to earn money from all the things I am passionate about. So I stick with being a product development and design specialist as supposed to be being an external public relations officer.

With all those chaos at work, I was fortunate to be introduced to a lady who was, at that time, desperate to get a person to help her. She gave me a job I was clueless about where it would involve research and writing. Again, I dived into it.

I dedicated 2 days to finish the job with a friend. Surprisingly, I was happy and proud to know that the published work is part of the Department of Tourism's latest Philippine map. It shall be circulated around the world. It was overwhelming to know that I was part of the team who contributed to it. Knowing that the president of the Philippines will be the first of the few who will see it is enough to be an honour. Funny thing about this experience was, the book I used to write the work was the exact same book I threw off the window during my college days after dropping off my History subject. I hate history and history has a way to get back at me.


When I am most thankful of all the blessings, comes another. A good friend asked if I can write a script for an AVP being produced by their team. I was shocked and excited. I am not a MasComm graduate and have seen about 2 or 3 actual scripts in my entire life. But I was game for it. There is nothing impossible for someone who is hungry for exposure and opportunity. So overnight I did the work with a sample script beside me as reference. It felt great. I was even fortunate to know that the head of their department who was a notorious English professor in UP did very minor editing on the script. It was a good affirmation for me.

From one script came the next and few more studies and concepts for a TV Commercial that I am now working on. It was satisfying and overwhelming for someone who was an alien to this kind of world, the world of Media. After the script comes the story board; which should be an advantage for I am the one who conceptualized the idea.

Who else is perfect to do the graphics than the one who visualized it right? So I accepted the challenge and I was too excited to try it for the first time. My hunger for learning has brought me to things beyond my wildest dreams and I am truly grateful for it. 

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