Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going Into It

I was transferred from being a marketing associate to a graphic artist, designer and product development specialist during the mid year of 2012. My boss saw the potential in me as an artist and generously gave me what I asked for. Sceptical at first, I still went into it. It was a blessing in disguise, indeed, as I have entered into the world of business development; something I dreamt but thought of happening way too far in the future.

We conceptualized a lot of ideas and one of which is developing a bag business. It is primarily to give livelihood to a community we help in Calauan Laguna. I had a great vision, it has so much potential and would greatly benefit the community; but the time is not in our hands unfortunately. Due to a limited period to prove ourselves, we were forced to have the bags manufactured elsewhere just so we can test the market and see the bag business potential in time for the holiday season. It was a success, for the most part. But the dream and desire of having the quality bags produced in Calauan is still burning in me; and should be done the soonest.

By now I was well exposed to how a bag business goes, from sorting materials to producing, selling and marketing, I was able to handle it all. While we were all too busy doing business development, I came up with a good idea: strike while the iron is hot.

Far from the bags being designed and produced under the organization, I designed an entirely new collection. Intended for the more luxurious and fashionable market. The JapaneseAdobo Bag Business was born.

It was a personal endeavour to try and get into the world of bag manufacturing. I enjoyed every part of it. From friends supporting and ordering, now I am extending the market online. We didn't intend to go aggressive during the holiday season though, because aside from the busy schedule at work, we thoughts it’s too young and unorganized to really get into a full blown biz. I am happy that it was a success. It started with referrals from friends and now we are looking forward to an exciting 2013 where we plan to be more aggressive with it.

Truly, there is no impossible dream for someone who believes. I am hoping and praying for more blessings and positivity this time. I hope my 2012 story inspired you somehow.

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