Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nurture the Possitive

One thing I have learned from the greatest teacher I had in college was that there are no bad learners only bad teachers. It goes the same on a work environment. The person's ability is a reflection of how he was mentored and nurtured. I do not have respect for leaders who enforce rules just so they can get what they want.

A great leader is someone who motivates the employees to go to work and become the best of what they are because they feel loved and treasured. You do not force an employee to change or do things just because another person can do it. Focus on the good things an employee is capable of and nurture it. Let them grow and take advantage of what they can do instead of being busy pinpointing what they cannot do or how inefficient they can be. Focusing on the positive traits of a person is better than finding mistakes or imperfections and feeding on the negativities. 

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