Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grammatical Arrogance

I once followed a blog and enjoyed reading it with friends for the mere reason of entertainment due to the writer’s grammatical arrogance. There was never a sentence in any of his entry where you cannot find a word that would make you pick up a dictionary just to look for the meaning. It is how head aching his blog was. It was bloody red with words that are so hard to ingest even for the most intellectual individual there is. I and my friends would usually visit his site just to laugh and be entertained. It has become a funny article for us rather than impressive.

Then, I had a verification of his arrogance when I was able to talk to a friend who was fortunate enough to meet the great blogger. He was indeed arrogant and a "Mr. Know it all" kind of guy. No wonder it reflects on his writings. But nonetheless, it is still entertaining. How he can tell a simple story into a very complicated and tiring article when he just wants to say, he farted loud and proud in an elevator. Something like that, you know what I mean. 


  1. I hope that blogger isn't a friend of mine. Some people may appear arrogant to others when deep down, they're as fragile as everyone else. :)


  2. Too flowery in constructing sentences eh? Can you email to me the link of that blog ;)
    Haha thanks

  3. it's easy to hide behind a jungle of words.

  4. It's enough that the great blogger stays as my private entertainer. I love him actually that i even had to make a PDF file of his entire blog just so i can read it offline. Im not the type who spills, if you know what i mean. ;)
    So gentlemen, if you come accross a blog similar to what i am refering to, feel free to email me and verify


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