Friday, December 21, 2012

Funny Writers

Before you insult someone else's grammatical errors or spelling, make sure that yours is perfect. I can easily identify in a glance, the many grammatical and spelling errors you have in your ever so great construction. You do not impress readers with highfaluting words that are lifted from a dictionary or what not. It is not impressive but rather funny.

I had a talk with one of the respected writers in our field. I was kind of scared to venture out in a new writing stint. She said, it is not about how impressive your choice of words is. A good write up should be an easy-read, something entertaining and light. As long as you were able to deliver the message and understood by the reader, that is an accomplishment to be proud of. You do not want readers to be holding a dictionary next to your article. That is arrogance for the writer and I would not hesitate to crumple the paper once realized you are driving to that point, the point of being delusional great. You are funny.

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