Friday, November 2, 2012

Hypocrisy Coming Clean

I despise the people who resort to earning easy by being corrupt and greedy stealing poor people's money; rather than working clean and hard to attain what they want. More so, it is disgusting to see them stand arrogantly talking, judging and criticizing others as if they are too clean. Where's your conscience? Does it even bother you when you sleep at night? You need to go to church and live the word of God. Do not be a hypocrite.  

I’d rather earn a peso with my talent, own savings, perseverance and hard work than earn thousands from betrayal, greediness, corruption and dishonesty. It's rewarding and more fulfilling that way than the disgusting wrongdoing of other people blinded by the sparkle of gold.

I may have struggled but I am grateful with so many blessings. Soon, I’ll be starting an on line store and I am proud to say I did it with God's given talent, experience and the little savings in my bank account.

You know what I am proud the most?

Its clean money with no stealing, betrayal or hidden agenda. It is just pure and honest business with no corruption. That is the value I uphold.

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