Monday, November 12, 2012


When do you accept a person's apology? When can you forgive someone?

The extent of your anger depends on the build up through time. And sometimes, when it ignites and has blown out of its proportion, one can find it so hard to give forgiveness even with the smallest fault a person commits. "Apology won’t cut it" they say; but what level of apology does one need to do to be forgiven? It depends on your anger, I guess.

You do not say you already forgiven someone but still do things to ruin them. It is not forgiveness that you gave but fakery. That itself can be a question of your integrity as a person, a leader or a human being. 

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  1. To forgive nga is divine. Humans have certain 'criteria' pa in order to forgive and the 'level' of forgiveness given to a person. Whereas, the Divine just forgives regardless of the extent of sin. Bottomline, it's not easy to forgive; it takes so much strength and humility to pardon an offender.


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