Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Affirming Verification to Acceptance

You go through a process when you deal with a break up. First was denial, then you build anger, followed by bargaining, a great depression and the ever so desired acceptance.

With all the things and issues he dealt with post break up he was longing for the last phase. He can’t seem to find the right track convincing and trying to move on with the thought that there might be hope to reconcile.

It was a normal night on a regular week day while puffing a smoke, he saw the ex lover. He seemed very happy with his life. The look on ex lover's face seemed there's a bit of disgust. Maybe anger, he doesn’t know. But whatever he saw, as confusing as the actions maybe, it looks like ex lover doesn’t really care anymore.

It brought him a feeling of verification. Not in this lifetime that they can become a couple. One thing they tried to win over for a period of time. It was when the truth was revealed. Ex lover doesn’t really care that much at all. He never did. It wasn’t his priority. Acceptance was realized. And though there was sadness, it finally broke, the hope he holds in his heart was gone.

He thought if there is a chance they're both free to be together finally, he would not take that chance anymore. A firm decision he would want to uphold. Trust was gone, so gone. A sad but affirming moment he is thankful for.

Funny coincidence, it happened the day they were suppose to celebrate their 18th month as lovers. 

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