Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Good Mom

I grew up with my mom going in and out of jail. She was a drug pusher. She is used to living life on her own so I got used to living my life with different relatives until I was able to live independently. By the time I can stand on my own, is when my mom got into rehab and currently doing good and sober.

One can tell that I do not have the perfect mother and that she is not the best anyone can have. But a thing I am sure of is that no matter how sinful she gets with the drugs and all other bad things life has brought her; she would never, in any way, put my life into danger. My mom would never put me to a place where it can shatter my growth as an individual or tarnish my name for whatever reason.

No mom would dig their son's grave and bury them to destruction. If a child was called at the principal's office, the mom would never suggest having the son expelled and be doomed to wherever “hole” he deemed fit be. No mom in their right mind would do that, unless you’re a devil in disguise as a caring mom. Because no matter how unorthodox your manner of disciplining your child can be, you would never damage his reputation that you know would create an impact for the rest of his life. So do not disgust me and use the term “mom” if what you do is plainly destroying a person because of your evil intentions.

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  1. a mother's love is a sacrifice, which is the epitome of the word unconditional.

    this hit a mark.



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