Monday, October 29, 2012

Magic from the Speakers

2 hours left from our initial recording where we are to consume a total of 10 hours doing a single song, I opted to do a different one.

The weekend before it, I was sitting at a bench along an eskinita, singing my heart out while Jun (the musician) was playing his guitar while everyone else from their neighbourhood passes by.

Jun and I have been friends since I was in college. We share the same passion of making music.

Since we met, we’ve come up with our own process how we do songs. I usually write the lyrics, hum the melody and finish the song before I meet Jun. He will then put the proper chords while I sing it to him, adjusting the chords according to my singing. At the end, we get this feeling of fulfilment hearing a rough record of what we did.

So the weekend after our eskinita jamming, I was left home alone. We scheduled the recording Sunday so I still have the whole Saturday to finalize it.

A software called FruityLoops did the magic. I scrapped the 2 songs made from last week and made a new one. I mastered the beat, percussion, and everything else that doesn’t involve putting chords and notes. I’ll let Jun handle the chords for me.

The next day, Jun was waiting at the studio playing his piano this time, and I was excited to let him hear the new one. I told him to stop practicing for the old coz I got a new.

Off we go and recorded the track. It was fulfilling.

At times, people would find it ridiculous to spend money recording a track and waste your time making songs. They say it's impractical. But whatever anyone says, the magic I get when I hear my creation play over the speakers is enough to tell me not to stop

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