Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love's Authenticity

Can you really prove love's authenticity by being friends with you ex? Is it a sign that hate is already gone and true love remains? Is it fakery? 

He fell in love so bad, really deep. Reasons came up for them not to be together anymore. They let go. He does his best to move on trying to be happy with his life. There's not a day when he did not remember the ex lover, as weak as he can be to come running back, he thinks of the pain to build anger so he won’t beg him to come back. It is a battle of being angry to help him survive and the quest to take it out so someday they can be friends again. 

It cannot be instant for him. He needs to take his time to heal and avoid fakery. He cannot force himself to heal. And whether or not the ex lover sees the anger as a sign of untrue love, it does not really matter anymore. For him, his ex lover is a great love, one that created a big impact in his life. And maybe, that is the reason why the pain is so hard to take off him. 

Maybe, the ex lover cannot possibly understand why there is too much pain. Why the need to be angry to be able to resist the feeling of coming back must be done. Because ex lover does not feel the same pain thus it is just that easy for him to shake it off like that.

But whatever, it is love after all.

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