Friday, September 21, 2012

Selfishness Challenges Me

School works requiring the use of computer was a challenge back in college. No money to rent, more so to buy my own. A relative owns one so I frequently borrowed to get things done. Until time came when they suddenly can’t let me borrow theirs. It was sad, but beggars can’t do anything. I had to find a way.

I had to do the unimaginable so I can get my own. I wanted to prove that I can do it. And so I did.

Since then I’ve had it in me. When someone selfishly do something thinking I’d be worse; I become aggressive to prove them wrong. No matter what it takes I make sure to show them I can get it if I want it. So far, those selfish people in my life are my motivation to achieve more.

Latest achievement: I bought an iPhone. Another reminder for me that people around, even your closest friends can become really selfish and betray you. So don’t comfortably depend on whoever and learn to stand on your own.

Superiority complex maybe?

I don’t know. But whatever the reason is, I let them be. I pray they can sleep at night with all those negativities.

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