Friday, September 28, 2012

Lush Tree

Power and money can do wonders! If a tree is lush and fruitful, monkeys climb up and eat each other out to get on top.

The difference of Pinoy and American culture in corporate ethics, I guess, is politics. It's a dog-eat-dog world as a friend told me. The one who barks loudest, unfortunately wins.

Efficiency in a Pinoy corporate set up, apparently, is measured on how toxic one can be. As supposed to, how smooth and graceful you are despite the minimum amount of time required and pressure involved. The more you complain about work, the more you are seen as a busy freak who works so damn hard.

Disappointingly, people you considered friends would never think twice. They will stab you from your back for power and money. Integrity is out of the system when money is involved. People do things corrupt and exhaust resources. They benefit from other people's defenceless ignorance so they can rise one top. They will use and abuse power to bleed the hands that feed them.

How ungrateful a backstabbing bitch can be?

If a company believing to uphold truth, service and common good sooner be lead by people who do lies, incompetence with selfish intentions; the kingdom would definitely fall down the drain.

Tell me, is this the culture you'll leave for the Filipino children? 

Is this how you get on top? 

Would it make you feel good in the end?

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