Monday, September 24, 2012

Assessing a Cycle

In a late night drinking session Chris was feeling a little depressed. She realized she never had a relationship lasting more than a year. She figured it’s a curse. Assessing how she'd been I noticed a cycle.

She's sweet and all out in the beginning. She drowns and loses grip towards the end. She becomes bored committing herself to a person. She wanted to accommodate all guys who she comes across with. She can’t help but play around and can’t maintain consistency. She said she's just too friendly and it’s an urge. At the end she blames it to destiny.

Could it be, that if something goes as a cycle already, one must reassess the sequence to come up with an intervention? Whatever happened and whoever gets the blame, at the end, you need to start by reflecting and admitting. 

You don’t point fingers.

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