Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too Much

He says he doesn’t wanna be nagged. The once termed as “concern” becomes “nagging”. Things have changed, evidently. He refused to admit it. Actions speak louder than words, you thought. You refused to believe, so you still ask. Trying to see if he’ll go back to how you were used to be. He wants freedom, unwilling to compromise. Stubborn is an understatement. No matter what explanation is laid, he still pushes.

You give up. Realizing you can’t contain someone who screams to get out. Commitment was once enjoyed mutually. He says he had too much love, or say opportunities and libido to give. He wants to be free, to do it all, he’s too accommodating. You slowly let it be. Until one brings the curtain down and face it. He proves and says it indirectly, he’s not worthy.
Be thankful he proved his worth this early. 


  1. Incredibly solemn and poetic. Love your blog title too XD

  2. Failing relationship - It's like cancer. You catch it early on, then you've got better prognosis, better chances in survival

  3. OMG! So you really did get a domain of your own huh? Nice one!


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