Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reach It

Way back in high school I dreamt of becoming, ahem, a singer. I worked my ass out listening to demos and records. On the process I acquired the skill of writing songs. The normal route would start by meditation. You conceptualize and refer to records best to influence your work.

That dream died long ago. Demos I created were buried deep into forgotten memories. A dream currently revived because of an opportunity.

The organization I’m into is in need of a solid identity. Something taken for granted for quite some time. Realizing our strength (which is media), be used to its full potential. An identity song to market and inspire people is beneficial. Known to have award winning station IDs released every season, why not create one for the foundation.

Going back to the studio was nostalgic. I remember my teenage years when I was ambitious to believe I can make it. This time it’s different. The dream of being a recognized song writer over powered that of being a recording artist. I thought I’m too old for that and it’s not my thing anymore.

So off I go inside the booth, noising my lungs out. Excited for the day when I could present it to the executives. Until such time that this is aired both in TV and radio, I won’t stop. I’ll push hard to achieve it this time. Apprehensions and fear of rejection is not in my vocabulary. Time to reach my goal; no matter what.

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  1. Isa kang chrue diva! Mana ka sa akin. Pura loves Divas.. So Pura loves you. Soar High! Fly High!


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